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MSR Productions Replacement/Refund Policy

Retail Customers:


 Please contact us within 3 days of receipt of your items if you want to return something. You must have approval before making a return.


Shipping charges are not refundable on returns. This applies to USA orders, in which shipping is free if you keep the item. It also applies to World orders. Refunds are not available on downloadable products.



MSR Productions will now be charging a fee to Brokers/Resellers For return/replacement items:

This will cover the shipping to replace the items . Please follow the above written paragraph to initiate the return/replacement process. Fees are as follows:

Replacement/Reshipping Fee:

1/2CD = 4$

3/4 CD= 6$

4/5 CDs=8$

Tshirt  (1)=5$

Tshirt (2)=10$

Please Note:Additional charges and conditions may be applied in some cases

Thank you for your time and understanding on this matter.

MSR Productions Team

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